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Mini shetland ponies

We really like the mini Shetland pony considered here as a family member.

The breeding and the support of the well socialized individuals are important to us. We've been performing the breeding since 2010.
This mini-sized pony is a beautiful, strong and child-loving breed of pony.
We hope that the pony will have the adequate care and circumstances in its new home and will become a happy minipony. During the summer season, we keep our little ponies on pastures, we would like them to be fine. We hope that we can offer you the pony of your dream. Our horses are available of all colours, they have horse passports, origin certificates, they are registered with microhips. Our breed is available in England with
significant results and individual genetic background. It is the quality and the determination that is important. Our mini pony foals are beautiful, pure-bred and unique in Hungary. If you are ready to have your lovely pony at your home, don't hesitate to contact us.